Digital Photography 101

Self-guided online course for absolute beginners.

It is designed to develop your skills in pixel-based photography. In this introductory course in digital photography, we will use digital power to create, edit, post and share our images electronically. The course is intended for beginner photographers.

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This course in Digital Photography is designed to develop your skills in pixel-based photography. Cameras, printers, inks and paper have evolved and are able to not only match traditional photographic quality, but can also extend traditional possibilities.

The course will not cover Adobe Photoshop image manipulations, but will focus on enhancing photographs using free online tools and programs.

  • Unit 1: How digital imaging works. Image file formats. Print vs. Web Getting to know your camera Shooting Modes Intro to Exposure (shutter speed, aperture, ISO) Depth of Field White Balance and Color Temperature Metering Modes Histogram Focus Review
  • Unit 2: Composition in photography Camera settings before shooting Tips & tricks Projects
  • Unit 3: Free Image Editing Applications (overview) Editing images in Pixlr
  • Unit 4: Scanning Printing Posting and sharing

What you get:
4 units, 16 lessons, 20 projects, 16 ref. cards (printables)

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