Self-guided online art course.

Studio II is an Art course for beginner artists and a continuation of Studio I class. We will focus is on expanding drawing and painting skills, learning about composition, color schemes, and will try different drawing media.
The lessons are structured to build up your art skills and to apply them by working on a series of appropriate, non-intimidating projects. Please consider the lessons as a starting point to further explore and apply these skills.


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The structure of the class allows you to gradually build up the confidence level and technique competence. Keep in mind that this is not a specifically drawing or painting class. I designed the lessons to give you some basic knowledge about some art concepts and to allow you to experiment with the media. After you are done with the class you will have a better understanding of the path that you want to take for your next step – whether it is graphite drawing, or pen and ink graphics, or you want to experiment with painting media. Listen to what your heart tells you. But for now… Let’s get started.

What you get: 12 units (lessons); 19 printables, 25 projects, lists of tools and materials used.

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