printmaking at home

Self guided lesson in a PDF format (30 pages).

Printmaking can be easily done in a home setting.  Most required supplies you most likely have in your recycle bin. Just get a pint of printing ink…


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All techniques can be used as a family fun project.

The idea behind any printmaking process is to create a surface (printing plate or block) with some sort of a relief (either raised relief or sunken relief). In this tutorial you are going use common household items to create these reliefs. I encourage you to experiment and have fun with it! I will guide you through some steps, give suggestions, show examples.

This lesson has 3 tutorials. It gives you a variety of techniques to choose from and to try. These are the simple techniques you can use for creating a fine art piece, a greeting card or add to your scrap booking options. You might even come up with your own techniques after you complete this lesson. The file includes the list of supplies and images used in the tutorials.

Dear former students, I have transferred the tutorial into a PFD file.
Below is your old link that you can still use. If you would like a free PDF copy of the updated tutorial, please let me know.

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